Spooky Dimensions

Spooky Dimensionsis a puzzle game inspired by traditional Chinese games with a themed design. Enjoy the colourful Halloween symbols and dismantle the structure from the playing field. Get bonuses, use a wide range of boosters, and set records in the game.


The player receives a three-dimensional structure consisting of cubes with the image of traditional Halloween symbols. Choose identical ones and remove them from the field. You have a limited time to solve the puzzle, so keep an eye on the timer. For convenience, the main structure can be easily scrolled by clicking on the left and right arrows or swiping across the screen.

It is fashionable to choose those blocks that have two adjacent sides open and are not blocked by other elements. Each successful move brings points to the score.

Bonuses and Boosters

Players can get additional bonuses. To do this, you should click on pairs of blocks as quickly as possible with a pause of no more than 3 seconds. This way, you will be able to increase the received bets several times.

There are also boosters on the playing field. Look for golden cubes among the Halloween symbols. A cube with a multiplier will allow you to multiply the points received by two or more times. A cube with a clock adds bonus time to the timer. Choose a bomb to destroy all the elements at once and win the level. Remove blocks with a star to get 250 bonus points.

There are hints at the top of the screen. Click on the question mark to find a pair of blocks for the next move.

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