Summer Mahjong

Summer Mahjong is a colourful 3D puzzle game. Enjoy original tasks and colourful tile designs that take you to summer days and make you feel good. The game has 10 levels, which are depicted on the main screen in the form of buckets. Start from the first one and take on the challenge.


The playing field contains blocks with images of fish, marine life, and accessories for beach holidays. The player's task is to remove all the blocks from the board. To do this, you should choose pairs of elements with identical patterns. They should be free on the left or right and not blocked from above. Such tiles are coloured, which makes the task easier.

Options and Bonuses

The game time is limited by the timer. Once the time is up, the game is over. If you find the next move difficult to find, use the available hints. Select the question mark symbol on the settings board. A pair of blocks that can be selected to continue the game will be highlighted. You've run out of available moves - use the shuffle. Click on the arrow button. For this option, you will need to sacrifice a certain number of points from your account - 150 and 500 points, respectively.

As soon as you manage to collect all the blocks, the game ends, and the bucket on the main screen will be filled with all kinds of supplies. The number of points earned for the completed level of the game is indicated at the bottom.

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