Sunny Link

Sunny Link is a summer-themed puzzle game for all players regardless of age. Enjoy interesting tasks and disassemble the blocks from the playing field. An interesting theme will bring you a summer mood and transport you to the atmosphere of holidays and the sea.

How to play

The game has 42 levels with vivid images of summer accessories, marine animals, and the sound of the sea.

The tiles are arranged in several rows. The player's task is to remove all the blocks from the playing field. Look for identical two elements and click on them. If the pair is chosen correctly, the blocks will disappear from the playing field.

You can choose tiles with the same patterns, adjacent to each other and sharing a common side. You can also click on blocks with identical images that can be connected by a line with no more than two turns.

Points and bonuses

Each successfully removed pair of blocks is worth a certain number of points. Get the maximum number of points and set records in each level. Keep track of the time on the timer. You need to remove all the tiles before the time runs out. The remaining time will be converted into bonus points.


Use hints to continue the game even in difficult situations. Click on the light bulb image and the system will highlight the next pair of elements to make a move.

The game trains mindfulness, the ability to concentrate on the little things, logic and thinking. Play the game and enjoy traditional Chinese puzzles in a new summer theme.

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