Thanksgiving Mahjong Arkadium

Thanksgiving Mahjong Arkadium is a themed puzzle game with a bright design and simple rules. Match identical blocks and win the game.The tiles depict elements of the traditional US and Canadian holiday - Thanksgiving day. There are several categories of patterns - cookie combinations, numbers, asparagus sticks, vegetables, and other themed holiday food patterns.

How to play Thanksgiving Mahjong Arkadium

The blocks are arranged in a pyramid in several levels. You need to disassemble the blocks gradually, opening access to those tiles that are blocked. You can only choose free elements, i.e. those that are not covered from above and have an open side on the left or right.

Select identical patterns and click on them. Blocks with a yellow background can be paired if they are not identical.

Points and bonuses

For each pair of tiles, the player receives a certain number of points. Numbers bring 2 points to the account, cookies - 4 points, asparagus sticks - 6 points, from 8 to 14 points a player will receive for a pair of collected vegetables, dishes or themed accessories for the holiday.

You can increase the number of points by quickly selecting moves

There are blocks with information on the screen. The player can track the number of available moves - free pairs of blocks that can be combined. The scoreboard shows the current state of the score after each move, as well as the total number of tiles on the board.

The player has 10 minutes to solve the puzzle. The clock starts as soon as the player makes the first move. If you need a hint, click on the button at the bottom of the screen and get help. Two blocks will be highlighted for the next move.

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