Tile Connect Classic Match

Tile Connect Pair Matching is a bright puzzle game with colourful design, interesting tasks and simple rules. Clear blocks from the board and set a record in each game.

How to play Tile Connect Classic Match

Match pairs of blocks that have identical patterns or symbols. If the pair is chosen correctly, the tiles will disappear and open access to the next ones. You can choose those blocks that are not covered by other elements and you can draw a line between them that has no more than two turns. Also, identical images that are located next to each other and share a common side are active.Each pair of blocks that you manage to remove from the field brings points to the player's score. Fill in the scale at the top of the screen and get an extra reward. The player can get three zloty stars at each level of the game.The Tile Connect Classic Match game time is limited. Keep an eye on the timer and solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.


The player has the opportunity to increase the number of points earned. To do this, select blocks as quickly as possible. Such combos allow you to multiply the number of points received by 2 or 20 times and even more.Depending on the level, the tiles can move to the empty spaces down or to the left or right.

Help and hints

Use boosters in difficult situations. Click on the fireworks to remove two blocks on the board. The magnifying glass icon will help you find the next move - that is, two free tiles. The system will highlight them, allowing the player not to waste time and continue solving the puzzle.If there are no free moves left, shuffle the blocks by clicking on the circular arrows.Play Tile Connect Classic Match game online for free!
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