Time Connect

Time Connect is a themed puzzle game that offers to find all pairs of elements on the board. Choose identical blocks and remove them from the board. Try to manage time as each block has a clock image. And additional bonuses and boosters will allow you not only to slow down the flow, but also to stop it altogether.

Time Connect: Gameplay

The game has simple and clear rules. There is a grid on the screen with images of clocks in each cell. Find identical pictures, click on them and remove them from the field. You can combine blocks that are adjacent and share a common side, or they can be connected by a line with no more than two right angles.

Options and bonuses

The time for solving is limited by the timer and is 10 minutes. Pay attention to the special symbols on the blocks. Elements with bombs have timers. If the player does not remove such blocks, they will explode and the game will end. Use other boosters as well. Pair elements with Stop and Slow to pause the timer or slow down the game, respectively. The corresponding icon will appear on the right side of the screen.

For each successful move, the player receives points on the account. Bonus points can be obtained by completing several moves in a row.

Use the hints if you are in a difficult situation. Click on the question mark and select the highlighted blocks to make the next move. Click on the arrows to shuffle all the tiles and get new combinations.

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