Time Mahjong

Time Mahjong is an original puzzle game with traditional gameplay and an unusual theme. Become the master of time by solving the puzzle and get a record number of points. The goal of the game is to remove all the blocks from the playing field.

Time Mahjong: Gameplay

There are blocks on the board with images of various clocks and original combinations with them. Choose identical tiles to free the field from blocks. You can choose only those elements that have free sides - right or left and are not covered by other elements on top.

You can pair any pocket watch and regular wall clock with each other.

Limited time

The game is limited by time, so you need to find pairs of blocks as quickly as possible. Find a pair of hourglasses to slow down the clock and have enough time to find the same elements. Click on the blue clock to freeze time. The alarm clock will help you get bonus time in the game.


Choose hints in difficult situations. Click on the question mark to highlight an alternative move to continue the game if you are having trouble finding it on your own. Circular arrows shuffle all the tiles on the board to create new combinations.

Each successful move brings 30 points to the score. The points can be spent on hints. At the end of the game, enter your name and save your score in the overall ranking. Set records and beat players from all over the world.

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