WOW Connect 2

WOW Connect 2 is a colourful puzzle game that will take you back to the extraordinary world of Warcraft. Open the map and go through all the locations. Win and set records in all levels. The player can choose a character and use original boosters. Enjoy the original design and unrivalled challenges of the game.

How to play WOW Connect 2

At each location of the map, the participant will find a variety of puzzles. Tiles with thematic images are arranged in the form of various shapes. The player's task is to remove all elements from the field. To do this, choose identical blocks and pair them. Click on the tiles that share a common side and are located next to each other or between them you can draw a line with no more than two turns.

In the game, the player has a certain number of lives. As soon as all lives are exhausted, you should start the game again. Earn coins for each pair of blocks, as well as bonus rewards at the end of the game.


At the bottom of the playing field, there are options that will help the player solve the puzzle and find all pairs of blocks. Click on the appropriate icon at the bottom and get one of the hints in the game:

  • open an available pair of blocks to make a move;
  • remove a pair of blocks automatically;
  • remove two pairs of blocks from the board;
  • add 8 seconds of extra time;
  • shuffle the blocks on the playing field;
  • start the game over and restore all the elements to their original configuration.

Choose the function you need to continue playing in a difficult situation and set a record in the game.

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