WOW Connect Reborn

WOW Connect Reborn is a great sequel to the classic game WOW Connect 2. The puzzle has an interesting design that will surely appeal to fans of the World of Warcraft. Combine identical blocks, remove them from the playing field and win the game.

WOW Connect Reborn: Gameplay

Blocks with images from the popular game are located on the playing field in the grid cells. The player's task is to select identical blocks and remove them from the board. In this way, the participant will get access to other elements.Only those blocks should be selected that can be connected by a line with no more than two right angles. You can also choose identical blocks that share a common side for connection.Depending on the level, the blocks can simply be removed from the field or other tiles can be moved to their place. The player has a constantly new combination and must use deduction and observation to solve the puzzle quickly.


The game time is limited by a timer for each level. The time is tracked on a red ball. A digital indicator shows the percentage of time left to solve the puzzle. Correctly matched pairs of blocks add points to the player's score. Set records and improve your score in each new level.The number of available moves is indicated on the screen.

Bonuses and boosters

The player can use boosters to quickly complete all the tasks of the puzzle. At the bottom of the screen, click on the appropriate functions and wait for a hint. To do this, select the Hint button.The game will highlight a pair of blocks that can be combined to make the next move. If there are no free blocks and all possible moves have already been exhausted, shuffle the blocks on the board. The number of tiles will not change, but they will change their location. Such options will cost a certain amount of points from the score.
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