Free Mahjong Online Full Screen

Free Mahjong Online Full Screen is a game with simple rules traditional for oriental puzzles. The player will find a modern design and an interesting online puzzle. Find pairs of identical blocks and remove them from the playing field.

Free Mahjong Online Full Screen: Gameplay

The Free Mahjong Online Full Screen puzzle game offers to disassemble all the blocks from the game board. All tiles are arranged in several levels. Each of the tiles has an image of a hieroglyph, a combination of circles or bamboo sticks, an animal, a person. Find identical blocks and click on them. If the pair is chosen correctly, both pieces will disappear from the field.

In total, there are 144 blocks with different patterns and symbols on the board.

Choose only free playing blocks, namely those that are not covered by other pieces on top and have a free right or left side. Remove identical elements from the playing field and open access to other blocks.

The Free Mahjong Online Full Screen game does not have a timer, as well as bonuses or points. The player has the opportunity to practice their skills in a quiet mode. Turn on the soundtrack and enjoy the game.

Help in the game

Sometimes a hopeless situation can happen when there are no available moves left. The player can click on the arrow icon to refresh the tiles and get the opportunity to start a new game. All tiles will return to the board and you will have to start a new game.

The Free Mahjong Online Full Screen game does not provide hints for the next move or shuffle tiles as in other games of a similar category.

The puzzle improves thinking, logic and trains mindfulness. Enjoy the game and oriental solitaire in your free time.

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