Miracle Mahjong

Miracle Mahjong is a great game for anyone who wants to become a real champion in solving Chinese puzzles. Pair identical blocks and clear the board of tiles.

How to play Miracle Mahjong

The game board contains blocks with various Chinese symbols. The images are divided into several categories: characters, combinations of circles, bamboo sticks, seasons, animals. Combine identical blocks by clicking on the tiles in the correct sequence.

You can only combine blocks that are adjacent and share a common side or you can draw a line between them with no more than two corners.


The game is limited by a timer in the form of a scale. The slider is constantly moving. You can increase the time with successful moves. Each correctly selected pair of blocks adds time to solve the puzzle.

For your convenience, each tile has a digital value. This allows you to quickly find pairs of blocks to combine. The player has additional hints. Click on the magnifying glass image and the available blocks will be highlighted for the next move.


Increase the number of points in each game by making several successful moves in a row. A notification will appear on the screen showing how many times you managed to increase the number of points.

Each subsequent level has a different arrangement of blocks. The game is won when there is no pair of elements left on the board. Improve your skills, train your mindfulness and logic, and develop a strategy for each puzzle.

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