Free Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Internet Game is an extremely simple and straightforward puzzle game for beginners. Find pairs of blocks and remove them from the playing field. The game has simple rules and does not require any special skills. You just need to look carefully for identical images.

How to play Free Mahjong Connect

There are blocks with different images in front of the player. The total number of tiles is 120 pieces, which are placed in 8 rows. The blocks are not placed on top of each other. The player's task is to free the playing field from all the blocks. To make the tiles disappear from the playing field, you should choose elements with identical patterns.

There are no additional requirements in the game. You can select blocks anywhere and at any distance from each other. They can be blocked and have no free sides, which was a prerequisite in other games.

There are several groups of blocks in the game: hieroglyphs, oriental symbols, combinations of circles, bamboo sticks, and other elements.


Move the cursor over the selected blocks and click. If the choice is correct, the selected elements will disappear. Continue to do this until the entire field is cleared.

The game has a timer. Remove blocks as quickly as possible and set a record in the game. Improve your skills and improve your score in each subsequent attempt.

The game improves mood, develops concentration, and improves perseverance. Solve puzzles and activate your thinking and logic. The game is easy to play whenever you have free time.

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