Mahjong No Time Limit

Mahjong No Time Limit is a colourful game for all fans of Chinese puzzles. Put identical blocks in pairs and clear the playing field of chips. The game develops mindfulness, thinking and promotes the development of logic. A special feature of the game is the absence of a time limit.

How to play Mahjong No Time Limit

The blocks are placed on the board in several levels. The player's task is to free the board from all elements. To do this, click on a pair of identical elements and they will disappear if the choice is made correctly. Use only active chips. These tiles are highlighted, making it easier to find the available moves.

The game has no time limit. But the timer on the screen counts down the time spent on solving the puzzle and this indicator will be used in the rating.

Tips and bonuses

The player starts the game with a starting number of points - 10000. As soon as the game starts, the number of points decreases. That is, the faster you manage to disassemble the blocks from the playing field, the more you will have on your account.

The player has the opportunity to use additional options. If you need help, click on the Hint button. You can also shuffle the tiles if there are no available moves. Use the appropriate options, which will deduct a certain number of points from your account - 100 and 200, respectively.

Levels of the game

Players can choose from 300 levels. Each of them has become a real work of art. Blocks are arranged in several levels and create certain symbols: animals, plants, buildings, figures, and more.

Complete all levels and set records. Achievements are recorded on the main screen, which shows the number of points and the time it took to solve the puzzle.

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