Mahjong 3D 40 Levels

Mahjong 3D 40 Levels is a 3D puzzle game for all fans of intellectual games. Find identical blocks and remove them from the playing field.

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How to play Mahjong 3D 40 Levels

In front of the player is a 3D figure consisting of small cubes with various symbols. The player's task is to remove all the cubes from the playing field in the allotted time. Complete the maximum number of levels, find bonuses and win.


To play, just click on identical cubes. To do this, use the mouse or move the cursor over the desired element by swiping on the touchpad or touch screen. As soon as the blocks disappear, move on to the next pair.

For convenience, the selected blocks appear in niches on the right. This makes it easier to make a selection and spend less time scrolling through the three-dimensional shape. Scroll through a large shape by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen. You can also swipe the screen and turn the design over.


The Mahjong 3D 40 Levels game time is limited by the timer. The player must complete all 40 levels of the game. Points are added to the account for each pair of blocks selected correctly. Keep an eye on the timer to complete all levels as quickly as possible.

Look for paired bonus blocks that allow you to get extra time. You need to combine them quickly, as the time for them also runs out. At the end of the game, the participant receives additional bonus points if he or she manages to solve the puzzle in advance, and also unlocks access to the next level.

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