Mahjongg Solitaire

Mahjongg Solitaire is a puzzle game for everyone who likes not only to relax, but also to solve interesting puzzles. A real challenge awaits the player - collect the 144 blocks placed on the screen and clear the field of elements.

Rules of the Mahjongg Solitaire game

The goal of the Mahjongg Solitaire game is to match pairs of tiles with identical patterns and symbols and remove them from the playing field. The game ends when all the blocks are removed from the plane.

You need to choose only active and free tiles. These are the tiles that are open on the right or left side and are not blocked from above by other elements. If the choice is made correctly, the blocks will disappear automatically. This will give you access to the next elements.

At the bottom of the screen is a counter for the number of available moves.


The player can use the mouse or click on the touch screen. The game does not require additional actions.

The tiles have several categories of patterns. The player is presented with circles, bamboo sticks, dragons, numbers, seasons, flowers and others. Each of the tiles appears 4 times in the game, except for the seasons. Therefore, flowers and seasons can be combined, even if they do not have identical patterns.


The game has additional hints and other features. If you make an incorrect move or multiple moves, click on the Restart command and start the game from the beginning. All the tiles will appear on the board again.

Choose a hint and wait for the system to highlight the tiles for your next choice and move.

Improve your skills and set records in the game. The puzzle calms you down, allows you to relax and focus on solving puzzles.

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