Original Mahjong Free

Original Mahjong Free - is a classic Chinese puzzle game that is modelled on the famous board game game. The player's task is to disassemble all the blocks and clear the playing field. Improve your logical thinking, train your mindfulness and the ability to concentrate on small details.


The playing blocks are arranged in several levels. To remove tiles from the playing field, you need to pair identical elements. To do this, the player must click on two identical tiles and they disappear if the choice is correct.To choose only active blocks that have free right or left side. As soon as tile is selected, it is highlighted.If there are no more steps available and there are still tiles are still available, the player can start the game from the beginning. To do this, click on the button at the bottom of the screen. For your convenience there is an icon in the upper corner for full-screen display of the game.

Game design

The elements have original images. Combine identical blocks with combinations of circles, with identical hieroglyphs, with bamboo sticks or drawings of animals and plants. As soon as the blocks disappear, they will open access to the next element. They make it easier to selection is made easier by the numbers in the corner of each tiles.Solve a puzzle and unlock the next one. The game activates logical thinking, trains perseverance, and improves attention span.To play the game you can use a mouse or touchpad of a laptop, as well as clicking on the the touch screen of your tablet or smartphone.
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