Sushi Mahjong

If you like sushi you will definitely enjoy the game Sushi Mahjong, where sushi is the main character. This is a Mahjong puzzle, on the tiles of which the hieroglyphs are replaced by the images of different types of sushi. They are laid out on a flat plate in the form of a small pyramid. Remove the identical elements by two until the plate is empty. Have fun!

Sushi Mahjong is an interesting and original mahjong game in which you need to remove all the sushi from the game table. Train your thinking and deduction skills to discover all the secrets of the puzzle. The thematic design is sure to appeal to all sushi fans.

How to play

Take apart all the sushi tiles from the game board to become a real master of solving oriental puzzles.

At the beginning of the game, the player has the opportunity to choose the language of the game. The list includes 17 languages. The game has 50 levels. With each new puzzle, the task becomes more complicated: there are more and more elements and the structures become larger.


There is sushi on the board in front of the player, as well as a glass with a drink and chopsticks for more realism. Start eating and remove all the sushi from the table. To ‘eat’ all the pieces of food, you should consistently choose pairs of identical rolls and nigiri. Choose only free items that are not covered by others on top and have a free right or left side. If you choose correctly, both items will disappear from the board and reveal other sushi.

Timer in the game

Keep track of time. The game has a classic timer, and the soy sauce in the container indicates that you should hurry. As soon as the time comes to an end, the amount of liquid in the special tray will decrease to the bottom. You can replenish the time by choosing two bottles of soy sauce on the gaming table.

Points and bonuses

The player gets points for each successful pair of blocks. They also have additional bonuses for unused time.

In difficult situations, you can use additional options. Click on the circular arrow to shuffle the blocks and get new combinations. The question mark will help you find the next pair of identical chips on the board. Use the other options to customise the game: set the game to full screen, play the soundtrack and pause.

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